Who are we?

Arthritis Kids SA was started by a small group of dedicated moms in March 2011. In the course of their tenure they worked to raise awareness about juvenile arthritis diseases. Among many other valuable contributions they facilitated transport to and from rheumatology clinics for families who could otherwise not afford the trip.

By 2019 a new generation of arthritis moms were ready to take over. Together with three Johannesburg-based paediatric rheumatologists they registered Arthritis Kids South Africa as a nonprofit company. 

Our objectives

  • Empowering and supporting families of arthritis children through information, emotional and psychological support, and with financial aid where necessary.
  • Increasing recognition of early symptoms by educating primary healthcare providers, school staff, and physical therapists about the disease. 
  • Increasing awareness of the disease among the general population.
  • Advocating on behalf of patients (particularly for the most socially, financially and emotionally vulnerable) within healthcare, educational and social environments so that there is appropriate and accessible training, staffing, and funding relative to need.
  • Creating a freely accessible, fact-based foundation for the medical, physical, and emotional care of juvenile arthritis sufferers within South Africa.